Save Business Hours with Microsoft Tools

-Microsoft Word-

Microsoft Word is such a commonly used application, it may feel like you’re an expert user simply because you’ve used it so many times! In fact, many Microsoft Word users aren’t getting the full use of features in Word, and don’t even realize it.

These easy to implement Microsoft Word Tools cut out unnecessary steps, reduce duplication, and prevent errors. Get educated and save time. Once you put all this new knowledge together, you can easily save your business hours of work every month!

Commonly Overlooked Microsoft Word Tools

Set up your styles & headings:

If you find yourself consistently formatting text to separate sections and titles/subtitles,  set up the styles sections on the right side of the Home tab. This saves you time, and keeps all your documents consistently formatted. Better yet, you can implement your branding into every document you send out by using specific colour and font themes.

Check your formatting:

If you’re having formatting issues and just can’t find the problem, use the show/hide formatting button (it looks like a backwards P with two lines) in the Home tab. You’ll be able to see where spaces and lines in your document are placed, and fix formatting issues more easily.

Track your changes to edit between personnel:

When multiple revisions are needed between different staff members, the revision tools in Word can be incredibly useful. Head to the review tab, where you can switch the “track changes” button on. As you revise or edit, your additions will be shown in red underline (as long as you have the full markup option selected in the dropdown box beside track changes). Any deletions will be noted alongside the document. Changes can then be accepted or rejected by the next person to review the document.

Add document tracking your footer:

Right click on the footer bar (gray) to add and remove tracking elements in you document. You can add a character count, page number, line number, section, and more.

Insert checkboxes:

Do you make a lot of lists? Nix the bullet points, which aren’t very useful, and insert checkboxes. Under the developer tab is a simple button that allows you to easily insert a checkbox for lists. Once the box is in your document, you can click on it to add or remove checkmarks.

Use the Focus tool to stay on track:

When you feel your concentration waning, hit the Focus button on the grey footer. It takes you to a simple page with a black outline. This gives your mind a break from filtering through all the other noise on the page, so you can truly focus on what you’re working on. It also hides all your tools, but you can easily find the menus by bringing your cursor to the top of the window.

Stop automatic spacing between paragraphs:

Put an end to pesky auto-formatting between paragraphs by selecting all your text, and then selecting “paragraph” from the format menu. Near the bottom of the pop-up window you’ll see a checkbox that reads “don’t add space between paragraphs of the same style.” Select the box, and your extra spacing will disappear.

Easy Shortcuts

Find your last location: SHIFT+F5

This will take you back to the position of your cursor when you last opened the document.

Insert hyperlinks: CNTRL+K

Select the text you want to hyperlink and hit CNTRL+K. Then you can paste your link in (CNTRL+V) and hit enter, and it’s in!

Remove formatting from copied text: CNTRL+SPACE

Perfect for when you’re copying a pasting from a webpage with specific formatting. This will remove all the colour, shading, sizing, and font, and change it to your current settings so it blends seamlessly.

A Final Time-Saving Tip:

Take the time to go through your preferences and settings in Microsoft Word. There are plenty of ways to cut down on the time you spend repeating certain activities. For example, you can customize the toolbar to include tools you frequently use for easier access. You can also change settings for autocorrect and revision/review tools.

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