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Interactive Training 365 is an online business application training organization. We offer online interactive courses for a variety of business application suites. 

Learn how to use the Adobe Premiere, Microsoft Office, and the Google Suite of Applications in your own home or workplace setting with our interactive classes.  All classes are instructor led by an experienced corporate software trainer providing you immediate feedback in a hands on environment.


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    Our training is for everyone young and old alike. Sign up for one of our Microsoft courses to help you at work, or take a design course to create your own logo or just for fun.

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    Microsoft Word Tools That Will Save Your Business Hours!

    Microsoft Word is such a commonly used application, it may feel like you’re an expert user simply because you’ve used it so many times! In fact, many Microsoft Word users aren’t getting the full use of features in Word, and don’t even realize it.

    These easy to implement Microsoft Word Tools cut out unnecessary steps, reduce duplication, and prevent errors. Get educated and save time. Once you put all this new knowledge together, you can easily save your business hours of work every month!