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    More on Training

    Training and development to enhance productivity must be prioritized and pursued within any organization.  A lack of skills training within your organizations will have serious consequences for any organization.  Consequences such as higher levels of employee stress, project and deployment delays, and most importantly revenue loss. Having skilled employees is the solution to the success of any organization.  Proper technology training Identifies where skills gaps pose the biggest threat to the success of any employee.

    In this age of digital transformation, many organizations are losing ground in the battle for skilled talent. New technologies require new skills. And yet, there’s a growing gap in the number of employees—and potential recruits—that have the right IT skills to meet an organization’s needs. Technology is only as powerful as the people trained to use it.

    Interactive Training 365 can assist, our training solutions are designed to increase the skill level of employees and teams, helping them to manage resistance to change.